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Advanced, Agile Account-Based Marketing (A3BM­™)

Accelerate your journey to TRUE Intent data!

Check out the sub-3 minute explainer video below!


From identifying key targets to handover of  highly qualified 'Sales-Ready' leads


We have designed A3BM™ to resolve the key challenges of 'standard' ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and other B2B Marketing strategies; Data, Insight, Content and Sales & Marketing alignment. 


During lead generation campaigns that clients have asked us to execute on their behalf, we have found in nearly all campaigns, that the initial target lists given to us by our clients have required significant reduction in actual physical size, because of Firmographic, Technographic and behavioural trends.  In some cases as high as 55%!

This is because a large proportion of their UK territory primary target data held in their CRM systems contains companies whose IT decision policies for enterprise systems are made at parent company level, often outside the United Kingdom.  And many clients do not have this historical data in their CRM's and therefore lack of insight.

In addition, many of our ERP and Supply Chain clients can now avoid wasting valuable resources targeting a large proportion of businesses that will never purchase their solutions, because they already have a Tier One solution in place with a lifespan of 10, 15 and even 20+ years, and are unlikely to change as they have a policy of a single Enterprise-wide ERP solution. 

In many UK Industry sectors, Tier One authors such as SAP and ORACLE combined, have 50+% market share, so if you hardly ever win against these competitors, why waste valuable time and energy trying to penetrate their user base? 


On the other hand, you may have solutions that can enhance known holes in their functionality, that they would benefit from by integrating and you have some proven track record in integrating with the relevant Tier One solutions in question.

We can also help populate 'Tier One specific' target campaigns with (for example) 750 x known SAP R3 and R4 clients, AND we have already previously checked to make sure these companies make IT decision policies inside the UK Sales territory!  The same goes for 250 x known ORACLE ERP clients.

Without our guidance and demonstrating that perceived sales territories have dramatically reduced in volumes of ideal target companies, Enterprise systems vendors and related B2B organisations will repeatedly waste time and budget on targeting many companies who will NEVER HAVE INTENT to buy from them.  And content will not be as accurate or agile as it could be!  


Such lack of insight can also have a negative skew on the volume of great leads that can be generated during a finite period of time, such as a 20-day lead generation campaign.

60% of B2B companies with an existing ABM strategy do NOT have sufficient layers of primary target data segmentation!

If you only use the 'basic' 3 x co-ordinates, that are - Industry Code (USSIC or NAICS), geographical location and size of business by Annual Turnover, to identify your primary target companies - any Marketing Automation, AI or Intent data software solutions on the market today will NOT provide a true picture of your preferred target 'landscape' leading to not only relevant enterprise systems evaluations being missed but also some significant errors potentially being made in your overall Marketing strategy and Cost of Sales and Marketing will increase.

There will also be many more unwanted enquiries entering the funnel as 'inbound traffic', bogging down any Business Develop Rep (BDR) with double the workload (or more) and therefore less time to search for the leads that matter the most to the business. 


And if a business has regular campaigns that generate more inbound leads on say a two-weekly basis, BDR's are encouraged to move on to the next target lists before finishing the previous ones, potentially leaving golden nuggets unnoticed.

This can have further negative impact if a business works to aggressive lead volume KPI's.  If someone is struggling to hit their quota each month (or possibly just to save their job), it is human nature to supply leads of a lower quality and hope for the best that it will go unnoticed by Sales at point of hand over from a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

In the long run, it is far better to hand over a few leads of very high quality that the Sales team will love, rather than a higher volume of leads, but lower quality in terms of satisfying BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timescales) qualification criteria and the leads being 'Sales Ready'!

As a business grows however, the smaller volume of high quality leads will become unsustainable for growth and the business will need to evolve onto adding new solutions to the portfolio and / or expanding the Sales territory.

Are you A3BM-compliant? 

Contact us for a health-check today!

Check out the video below for more information!


To be A3BM compliant – you need to have a health check of your Marketing strategy, Sales & Marketing Alignment, the target data you are running with and the various marketing automation tools that you are using.  The culture in the business also needs to be viewed from various angles to see how well Sales & Marketing are aligned with the rest of the business.

It should take no more than 10-man days to review an existing B2B strategy, recommend areas for improvement and implement a structured, easy-to-use framework solution and its related processes - depending upon size of business and number / complexity of strategies already in place.

The health check will advise where you need enhancements to be made.  50%+ of the enhancements should be relatively straight-forward.  It depends on where your organisation has evolved to in maturity in relation to 'standard' Account-Based Marketing (ABM) or other B2B Marketing strategies.

Some companies may require 95%+ of the A3BM methodology.  They may be younger organisations or businesses from outside the UK, looking to establish themselves for the first time in the UK and so lack visibility or have no insight as yet of the UK ERP, Supply Chain or other Enterprise Commercial Applications marketplace.

Other, more established companies who have evolved much further through the years, may only require <10% of the A3BM components, for greater performance improvement - but these improvements are significant and could high-impact.  Some of this may have to do with the culture within an organisation.  It is only natural that there could be some resistance to change.  But change is good.  Change is necessary.  Embrace it.

Either way, A3BM can be implemented as a fully integrated solution / strategy, or you can take the components required to ‘fill the gaps’ to enhance what you already have in place.

Whether you are an SME or Tier 1, A3BM can deliver significant value to your existing and future Marketing and business growth strategies!

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