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Evolved Marketing Solutions that match your needs
As former IT Sales professionals ourselves, our services and focus on the 'Quality' of our
grading standards leverages strong lead conversion from MQL to SQL and Sales acceptance

Lead Generation by 'Smarter Calling'

Enhancing Target Data + SQL's that are 'BANT+SR' compliant

It all starts with the target data for a campaign.  Most clients give us a list for us to target, although we can source fresh 'GDPR compliant' data from a specialist data list provider, if required. 


Before we start making the calls, we check to see if we have any historic data in our CRM that is a major influence on why we should call a target company or not.

Within campaigns targeting UK Manufacturing & Distribution for example, we can segment-out roughly between 15% to 40% of an original target list, therefore enabling us to start the calling activity with a significant boost in probability of greater success.

So, if you want us to avoid all known clients SAP/R3 and R4, we will remove them from the target list.  Otherwise it is just diluting our chances for success.

And 95%+ of our developed first face to face appointments convert from 'Suspect' to 'Prospect'.  We take BANT qualification methodology one step further by booking appointments that are 'Sales-Ready'!


This means no more wasted Sales journeys because of duff leads!  More Sales time enabled for A1 prospects!  Increases new business conversion rates! Reduces Sales expenses!  Adds to the bottom line!

Campaign Target Data – Source, Build & Enhance with 'Advanced Segmentation'

Setting firm foundations for your CRM to increase probability of greater new business success!

You may already have great data in your current CRM.  Or you could be drowning in spreadsheets and hard copy lists from years back.

We can source current target data by industry SIC codes and Turnover bands.

We merge the new 'GDPR-compliant' data with yours, then reformat this data to your own specific field names.

While merging, we match from the historical data in our central CRM system and 'build in' an additional two extra layers of target segmentation based on existing ERP systems installed, and 'Decision Making Territories'.

We build-in additional target data  by searching target web sites for their C-Level members and add other key contacts from LinkedIn, all uniquely 'date-stamped' to when we built each data record.

Great for enhancing both ABM and Marketing Automation to produce better Quality results, whatever the campaign!


Account Based Marketing (ABM) with a 'Twist'

ABM with Advanced Target Segmentation ('ABM+ATS')

Through our deployment of what we call 'Advanced Segmentation', we have proven that up to 50% of businesses in most UK private sectors, will NEVER give a useful response to any ABM strategy!

Leading ERP authors have the majority of market share in your primary target sectors.  Just think if you could avoid most of their clients in a campaign?  Or maybe you have solutions that integrate seamlessly and complement what their solutions are weak at?

In addition, do you have visibility of which companies in your Sales territory have IT decision policy made centrally by Parent HQ, based overseas and therefore outside your UK Sales territory?  ABM will NEVER pick up on this!

Just think of all those 'hollow clicks' that you can remove from your

'follow-up' list because one way or another, they are no longer seen by your business as a primary target account?  You can then focus on those clicks that have most real value to your business.

Yes, it could dramatically reduce the number of Accounts to reach out to, but then logic dictates that your content can advance and become far more personalised, activating more valuable responses and Sales will be delighted to have a target audience of 'enhanced quality'.

You don't need the volumes of leads any more and the advanced segmentation will aid increased Sales revenue!

Marketing Automation, featuring

Advanced Connectivity ('MA+AC')

The same objectives as other Marketing Automation agencies but with a secret, more effective ingredient

We use a different platform to traditional Email methods to engage with Key Decision Makers.

We drip feed highly personalised messages to small groups of key contacts in each target business over time and can include your collateral in those messages as and when contacts require it.

This helps to introduce and build your brand - demonstrate your empathy with their specific type of business.  And if you can personalise your messaging not only by sub-sector but by job function too, it increases the probability that they will be curious about your business, so that when they are ready to build a preliminary vendor list before launching an official evaluation, your business should then be positioned as a good contender on their review list.

And with our Advanced Target Segmentation along with this service, you are cutting out the companies that are of less relevance to your primary target market(s).  It may mean that you receive less inbound traffic, but the additional segmentation element is removing more of the 'inbound white noise', giving your internal Sales development resources a higher quality of leads 'entering the funnel'.

So, if you are just setting up in the UK or your CRM data is either cold or fragmented, as high as 50%+ of your perceived target market(s) could be a complete waste of Marketing activity and without advanced segmentation, any form of Marketing Automation will be oblivious to this.


Inbound Lead Development & Nurture, from

'MQL' to 'SQL' handover

Follow-up & Qualify on ‘click rate’ and eBook download Activity

Whether you are using Marketing Automation already or not, you always need a resource who can cover the inbound 'enquiries' to your business from all avenues.

'Clicks' are NOT Leads!  They are merely 'curiosities', no matter what specialist Automation agencies may say.  Downloads of eBooks and White Papers are 'of possible, relevant interest'.  They are NOT leads either.

If Sales get involved in qualifying this inbound activity, they are wastting time and diluting their focus on winning new business and making it harder to achieve their own Sales targets.

If Marketing do not have the time or the Lead qualification skills to engage and develop such inbound activity, additional resources must be found to bridge the gap.


We will nurture the enquiries into leads for you, convert them to MQL's and follow them through to setting first appointments when 'Sales-Ready' in order to then quickly convert into SQL's or 'solid, active Prospects' by Sales.

Corporate Account Development

Reduce Major Account Sales' research time in the early stage development of Blue Chip / Tier One Target Accounts

Provide us with the names of new Major Account targets.  We will profile them, identify the organisational structures, including  Stakeholders and Key Decision Makers (KDM's).

We will speak with as many as 6 to 10 key contacts per corporation, identify the 'Lines of Authority' and the type of leads available for your business, qualify and grade them accordingly.

A target list of (for example), up to 20 key Major accounts can save just one of your high-cost Major Account Sales personnel up to two calendar months of their personal selling time, enabling them to apportion that that time saving to each existing active 'A1' major account that they currently work, increasing their chances of higher conversion rates.

Also giving them peace of mind that some great foundation work is being done in the background directly for them, enabling them to have greater focus on the hot Accounts that matter in the short term, rather than have them worry that they don't have the time to put in the ground work activity.


Market & Client Research just got Exciting

Why combining Market Research & Lead Generation

in the same campaign is an opportunity not to be missed

What if the same Market Research projects could also generate genuine ‘Qualified’ sales leads for your business?

Traditional Research companies do not have the staff with the skill sets to achieve this.  But to us, it is second nature that when we identify an opportunity, we qualify it like any other lead generation campaign.

If we manage to speak with a Key Decision Maker (KDM) during the survey part of the call, why not take the opportunity there and then to qualify a lead?

Just think how Marketing strategy can be enhanced, if your Sales team has the opportunity to engage with a 'qualified Suspect', to discuss their challenges BEFORE product launch.

We can help reduce 'Product to Market' timescales by half.  Market Positioning would become more agile and accurate from day one of launch.

New product and upgrade launches would be more successful and the budgets supporting demand generation campaigns (not previously tapped) would deliver extra margin to stakeholders and shareholders alike.

Lead Generation & Development Training

Enabling internal Telemarketing and Business Development to generate more leads of higher quality while increasing focus on building key data into CRMs

Hello! My name is Craig de Prez - Founder of TriWonder Data in 1993,

re-branded to Reflex IT Marketing in 2016.  I deliver this course personally.

I have spent 30+ years in both IT Field Sales and IT Marketing, cutting my teeth on HR, WMS, MRPII and early ERP solutions and am passionate about all things in relation to quality of Sales leads and the related process & performance improvements for IT companies of all shapes and sizes.

I have witnessed a lot of advancements in the applications markets and have directly executed and managed projects for 200+ clients.

I tailor my course for each client including short interviews with each course attendee the day before delivery, ensuring the course is useful for attendees at all levels of experience.  The course is delivered at client site over a 1.5 day period.

I cover all the basics about lead generation (including planning of call activity and voice to voice business etiquette), plus as many of the advanced qualification questions and techniques that time will allow.


Sales & Marketing Consulting

Boosting overall performance of your

Sales & Marketing operations

We offer a helping hand to see where you can increase the performance of existing Sales & Marketing functions and the processes therein.

With completed projects for 200+ clients under our belts, we have taken the good from all past projects to provide a suite of hybrid services that we can help you to deploy, enabling you to grow from tried and tested activities.

This is Ideal for anyone that knows they they are not firing on all cylinders or there is an ad-hoc experience gap needing to be satisfied and something needs to be done about it - from start-ups to large, well-established organisations.

We can get you back on track within a matter of a few days, identify solutions to most challenges within Sales & Marketing and help implement simple and effective change for the better.

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