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Our Approach

Working with us is simple and with no training required!

We deliver a professional and integrated service. By creating a prospect pipeline where the emphasis is on quality, we give Heads of Sales and Marketing peace of mind and free them up to focus on strategic planning, internal team performance and external partner management.

With each campaign where possible, we are always thinking in the background "what can we do better to improve performance and results", giving our work that 'personal touch', so you know we are not just an external resource but always looking to 'fight for your corner'.


Our roots are firmly embedded in IT & Technology.  It is second nature to us how to execute a campaign, what to say to the right people and the key questions to ask to ensure you receive not only great quality leads, but also a strong profile of your primary target markets upon campaign completion that will advance overall Marketing strategy for greater reward!

  • Experienced - With over 26 years experience, we deliver well qualified new business prospects with budgets, whilst reinforcing the need for quality sales lead intelligence combined with confidential, ethical and professional practice and advice.

  • Focused - We are focused on servicing the B2B IT solutions authors along with Engineering, Hi-Tech, Supply Chain and Logistics services providers, many of whom have global reach.

  • Ethical - We will never represent two competitors into the same target markets within a year of one another.  We respect and value our clients’ confidentiality highly and the quality and exclusivity of the leads we generate are of paramount importance to us.


Before starting a new campaign, we like to learn about the challenges you are facing.  We understand you are busy – so this could take the form of a phone call, video call or a face to face meeting.


Define clear statement of work: price, duration, lead measurement criteria, expected volume of leads & a calculation of anticipated ROI in order to meet realistic expectations.


A solid target market list is crucial to a successful campaign. We can provide you with data – or if you have your own – we can analyse it against our database and augment and amend where required.


On completing your campaign, we can either hand the leads and report back to your sales team, or for maximum effectiveness, we can retain the

lukewarm leads and nurture them 

until they are sales-ready.


We view ourselves as an extension of your Business Development team and encourage feedback on the quality of the leads, communication of our staff and the execution of the campaign.


To ensure your sales pipeline is at the level it needs to be able to hit your objectives – we recommend regular review sessions. This is also an opportunity for us to learn about new USPs of your solutions.

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