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Solve your demand & lead generation challenges!

High-Quality Sales Leads can improve Sales revenues by up to 40%!

Reflex IT Marketing is a leading UK Marketing business with a focus on High-Quality Sales leads, including Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL's) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL's), by both phone and integrating automation with some unique enhancements - ensuring timing is consistently right for the handover of leads from Marketing to Sales - eliminating the rejection of leads by Sales.

Whether it is to provide one or more missing components to enhance an already promising Marketing strategy, or to provide a fully integrated and outsourced Marketing service to solve all brand and lead generation challenges (without the 'fluff'), we are here to add significant value where required and make your Sales & Marketing operations more effective and business more profitable!


Who Are We?

Established in the UK in 1993, we are a business employing IT professionals

who have previous experience, in both ERP Field Sales & ERP Marketing. 


As IT Sales employees ourselves in the past, we have been on the receiving end of leads passed across by various Marketing teams from our past employers.  The quality of the leads being such that we resulted in having to generate our own leads and prospects to get the pipeline we needed to then in turn, hit our Sales targets.

We completely understand what makes a great IT & Technology Sales lead!

We work closely with the Sales and Marketing Directors and Managers of IT Solutions Authors, their VARs, OEMs and other Technology Vendors.

We understand immediately the challenges in Communication and terminology between the Sales and Marketing functions of a business.  We believe we have more empathy and Quality-focused discipline than much of our competition and ensure the grades of our leads never bow to pressures just to satisfy any volume target or KPI.  Quality of the leads is paramount and must be maintained at all times.


We are committed to getting all of the Sales & Marketing terminology right and are ready to offer guidance to those where there may be any confusion or dis-connect between team functions.

Since our founding, we have expanded and evolved our client footprint into other related IT and Technology solutions, plus we can talk technical when we need to, with Key Decision Makers and Stakeholders alike.

We are here to offer our guidance every step of the way from helping to identify, source and build primary target data that we can then cleanse and enhance with additional layers of target segmentation, ultimately making Account Based Marketing strategies more effective and results using Marketing Automation far more productive.


General Manager EMEA,

Mobile Work Execution (MWE)

Solutions author

"The original agreement was to generate leads, however midway through the campaign we also asked them to set appointments for us at no extra cost.

Reflex IT Marketing were happy to oblige and not only did they generate 7 x appointments in addition to 30+ useful future leads, but each of those appointments is now a valid, A1 Prospect."

What We Do

It is more than just 'lead generation'

It is making sure target data is as accurate and segmented with more layers of advanced co-ordinates as possible - before starting any campaign, so your brand and increasingly personalised messages gain higher probability of target awareness and acceptance.

It is about ensuring that leads are correctly developed through the funnel in a timely fashion - with passion and discipline - presenting them to Sales ‘at the right time’ – enabling ‘suspects’ to quickly convert to ‘A1 prospects’ and ensuring that Lead Quality only improves over time.

And it is also about keeping an eye out for areas of improvement to the overall Marketing strategies of our clients with our additional interlinked services that can also include some free consultancy.

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